• Sunday Leaque Points Table

    Team Logo Team Name P Total
    Safe Skills CC 15 293
    Newham CC 1 15 254
    Dark Horses CC 15 235
    West Essex CC 1 15 233
    Gagan CC 1 15 221
    Comilla Warriors CC 15 216
    Chak De CC 14 201
    Neo CC 1 15 194
    NLMCC Mighty Tigers 14 170
    Frenford ELL CC 1 15 88
  • Sunday Leaque Top Performers

    Premier Name Batter Run Bowler Wicket
    Platinum Elite Division 2022 Sahaj Chadha(Chak De CC) 743 Mirza Farhad baig (Dark Horses CC) 30
    Diamond Premier Division 2022 Quazi Mobassher Ahmed(East London Titans CC) 605 Ali Sanjid Sami (London Riders CC) 22
    Gold Champions Division 2022 Hanif Kibria(Supernova Sports CC) 578 Saleh Hatia (C) (London Capital CC 1) 23
    Emerald Division (A) 2022 Kabir Khan(Zalaam CC) 587 Majid Khan (Mavericks CC) 59
    Emerald Division (B) 2022 Abbas Hassan /Syes(Frenford ELL CC 2) 389 Laeeq Ahmed (Spartan CC 1) 29
    Sapphire Division (A) 2022 Zaki Mamodanif(Daman CC) 460 Mantaka Muhtadi (FLOW CC) 25
    Sapphire Division (B) 2022 Mohammad al-Amin(Centurions CC) 718 Abdul vahid khan (Centurions CC) 27
    Ruby Division 2022 Suhel Patel(Eleven stars CC) 553 Abdul Rahim (Redbridge CC 2) 27
  • Live Cricket

    • About NCL

      The Committee welcomes you all to the introduction of this wonderful colourful concept of cricket played on grass root level. The cricketing project is called National Cricket League (NCL).
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    • Top Umpires

      Image Name Avg Rating Total Rating
      Aamir Malik Senior 4.5 9.0
      Abdul Ghaffar 3.8 7.5
      Abdul Jabbar 4.8 23.8
      Altaf Shaikh 4.0 24.3
      Amir Malik 4.4 8.8

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    LBCC VS W&S CC.....

    The NCL 2020 Champions

    Platinum Elite Division 
    Gagan CC 1
    Diamond Premier Division 
    Neo CC 1
    Gold Champions Division 
    Redbridge CC 1
    Emerald Division (A) 
    Newham CC 2
    Emerald Division (B) 
    Pavilion & Amez CC 2
    Sapphire Division (A) 
    Pavilion & Amez CC 3
    Sapphire Division (B) 
    Spartan CC 2
    Ruby Division 
    Frenford ELL CC 2

    NCL Cricket Team

    The National Cricket League want to be part of the establishment development programme of new generation cricketers to take on the sports and provide facilities and giving guidance to various level of players on where they can take themselves to in the future of cricket.

    This could be var..... Learn More


    Anirban CC

    Aveley CC

    Avengers CC 1

    Avengers CC 2

    Barking CC

    Brothers United CC

    Bystone CC

    Centurions CC

    Chak De CC

    Challengers CC 1

    Challengers CC 2

    Comilla Warriors CC

    Daman CC

    Dark Horses CC

    East London Titans CC

    East London Warriors CC

    Eleven stars CC

    Essex Lions CC


    Frenford ELL CC 1

    Frenford ELL CC 2

    Gagan CC 1

    Gagan CC 2

    Gladiators CC

    Holtwhites Hawks CC

    Ilford Knight Riders CC

    Jinnah CC

    Leytonstone CC

    London Braves CC

    London Capital CC 1

    London Capital CC 2

    London Capital CC 3

    London Eagles Sporting Club

    London Riders CC

    London Warriors CC

    Mavericks CC

    Neo CC 1

    Neo CC 2

    Newham CC 1

    Newham CC 2

    Newham CC 3

    NLMCC Mighty Tigers

    North London Muslims CC

    Panthers CC

    Pavilion & Amez CC 2

    Pavilion & Amez CC 3

    Pavilion Amez United CC 1

    Rat Pack CC

    Reach CC

    Redbridge CC 1

    Redbridge CC 2

    Royal Thunder & Essex Panthers CC

    Safe Skills CC

    Shane Moss CC 1

    Shane Moss CC 2

    Spartan CC 1

    Spartan CC 2

    Supernova Sports CC

    Sylhet XI CC


    West Essex CC 1

    West Essex CC 2

    West Essex CC 3

    West Essex CC 4

    West London Gladiators (WLG) CC

    Zalaam CC


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