• Falcons CC

    Thousands of light years away from planet Earth, last survivors of planet Krypton in desperate search for life left the planet looking for the blue planet. They find the blue planet at the brink of destruction from wars and aliens from Yuri star system. The Kryptonians fought the Yuris to the last drop of their blood, many died but they emerged victorious. The Humans called them “THE FALCONS”.As years pass by the Falcons started losing their powers, however the new generations of Kryptonians started to evolve their powers. Thousands of years later, the Falcons ability to fly has now fully evolved into the ability to swing the cricket bats, their ability to fire turned in to the ability to fire inswinging yorkers at supersonic speed. They competed with each other in the game of cricket for centuries as they never found a challenger to challenge them.Then one day the NCL representative found their secret place and challenged them.“Come and fight our teams if you have the guts”, NCL representative said.“How dare you challenge the might of Falcons, WE ARE FALCONS, We will destroy them”, Falcons angrily replied.“We have what it takes to beat you back to your planet Krypton. Do you accept the challenge”, NCL representative asked.“We accept, we are going to destroy your teams and will scar them for life” Falcons screamed back.NCL reprentatives left not knowing they have invited the wrath of The Falcons. LET THE BATTLE BEGIN

    Captan Name: Qasim 07877374664 Usman 07877970067 Khawar 07877970667
    Secratory Name:

    London Braves CC

    Work-hard, Train-hard, Play-hard and fight till the last second is what London Braves is specialised in since 2011.

    Captan Name: Moin Arefin
    Secratory Name: Iftikhar Muntakim

    Spartan CC 2

    Spartan cricket club is very old and popular club in london and essex who played a lot sunday friendly match through out the season every year and our club is very passionate about cricket

    Captan Name: Ali Butt
    Secratory Name:

    Pavillion CC 2

    Captan Name: asif patel
    Secratory Name: arif godhi

    Markhors CC

    Cornered Tigers CC 2nd XI...Home Ground Address . St Chad Park, 72 West Road.RM6 6YB...Captain Contact Details:07951216769

    Captan Name: Mohammad Arslan
    Secratory Name:

    Badshah XI

    Badshah XI is a team brought together by local lads from Walthamstow. The team has been given support by 3 local companies in the Walthamstow area which are Supreme Protection Security (Chingford Road), S n R Carpets (Markhouse Road) and Indiano Pizza (St. James Street). The team consists of mostly village cricketers, as well as few

    Captan Name: Omar Afzal
    Secratory Name:

    Kingfisher CC


    Captan Name: Akram Mustafa
    Secratory Name: Ali Afzal

    Noak Hill Taverners CC

    Noak Hill Taverners Cricket Club is a friendly Club, which caters for players of all standards. We compete in Division 3 and Division 6 of the T.Rippon Mid-Essex Cricket League on Saturdays, and Division 4 of the National Cricket League on Sundays. Captain: Raj Jogia 07455 162996 Ground Address: Noak Hill Sports Ground, Church Road, Noak Hill, Romford, Essex RM4 1LD

    Captan Name: Raj Jogia
    Secratory Name: Sharon Spinks


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