• Falcons CC

    Thousands of light years away from planet Earth, last survivors of planet Krypton in desperate search for life left the planet looking for the blue planet. They find the blue planet at the brink of destruction from wars and aliens from Yuri star system. The Kryptonians fought the Yuris to the last drop of their blood, many died but they emerged victorious. The Humans called them “THE FALCONS”.As years pass by the Falcons started losing their powers, however the new generations of Kryptonians started to evolve their powers. Thousands of years later, the Falcons ability to fly has now fully evolved into the ability to swing the cricket bats, their ability to fire turned in to the ability to fire inswinging yorkers at supersonic speed. They competed with each other in the game of cricket for centuries as they never found a challenger to challenge them.Then one day the NCL representative found their secret place and challenged them.“Come and fight our teams if you have the guts”, NCL representative said.“How dare you challenge the might of Falcons, WE ARE FALCONS, We will destroy them”, Falcons angrily replied.“We have what it takes to beat you back to your planet Krypton. Do you accept the challenge”, NCL representative asked.“We accept, we are going to destroy your teams and will scar them for life” Falcons screamed back.NCL reprentatives left not knowing they have invited the wrath of The Falcons. LET THE BATTLE BEGIN

    Team member

    Abbas Zaidi (Player ID- 1802)

    All Rounder
    Times the ball to perfection.
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    Abdul Hafiz (Player ID- 1792)

    Wicket Keeper & Batsman
    Young and talented Wicket Keeper/Batsman.
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    Abdul Qayum (Player ID- 2077)

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    Agha Ali Nasir Khan (Player ID- 1793)

    Clever with the bat – scores runs quickly.
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    Ahmed Sultan (Player ID- 1922)

    Wicket Keeper Batsman
    Wicket Keeper Batsman
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    Akhil Talaulikar (Player ID- 1806)

    Opening Batsman
    Opening Batsman with a lot of experience under his belt.
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    Arslan Haider (Player ID- 2936)

    Explosive hitter
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    Ashan Malik (Player ID- 1794)

    All Rounder
    Dangerous with the ball and bat.
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    Asim Rehman (Player ID- 1921)

    All Rounder
    All rounder (one down position and medium pacer)
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    Bilal Azmat (Player ID- 2678)

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    Danish Raza (Player ID- 2676)

    Wicketkeeper Batsman
    Deadly batsman
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    Imtiaz Hussain Shah (Player ID- 1797)

    All Rounder
    Excellent striker of the ball – gives the team a flying start.
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    Iqbal Sorathiya (Player ID- 2811)

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    Khawar Zaidi (Player ID- 1789)

    All Rounder
    Pace and Swing combination makes him a dangerous Bowler who can deceive any batsman.
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    Mohammed-Saqib Sheikh (Player ID- 1800)

    Quick between the wickets and hungry for boundaries.
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    Muhammad Bilal (Player ID- 1803)

    Top Order Falcon with the ability to destroy bowler's confidence in a flash.
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    Muhammad Waqas (Player ID- 2940)

    All Rounder
    One true all rounder
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    Mukid Miah (Player ID- 2682)

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    Oliur Rahman Rashed (Player ID- 2961)

    Heavy Hitter
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    Qasim Malik (Player ID- 1791)

    Batting All Rounder
    Classy and stylish with the bat – unplayable spin abilities with the ball.
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    Ronald Robin (Player ID- 1799)

    Wicket Keeper / All Rounder
    Aggressive batsman – unstoppable.
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    Shahbaz Chaudery (Player ID- 1801)

    All Rounder
    London Express, Just make sure you don't make him angry when you are batting. He will definitely make you angry when you are bowling.
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    Shahbaz Haider (Player ID- 2942)

    Leg Spinner
    Watch out for that spin!
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    Shahid Javed (Player ID- 1798)

    All Rounder
    Swing Master with deadly Yorkers.
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    Syed Qaiser Hasnain Haider (Player ID- 2679)

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    Tayyab Rehman (Player ID- 2680)

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    Umer Khan (Player ID- 1804)

    Wicket Keeper & Batsman
    Agile and flexible – Excellent behind the stumps. Keeps the scoreboard ticking.
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    Usman Khalid (Player ID- 2941)

    All rounder
    Pacey and explosive with the bat
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    Usman Sheikh (Player ID- 1790)

    All Rounder
    Brutal in-swinging Yorkers – Watch Out!
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    Usman Sohail (Player ID- 2935)

    Power house pacer
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