• London Braves CC

    Work-hard, Train-hard, Play-hard and fight till the last second is what London Braves is specialised in since 2011.

    Team member

    adil ijaz (Player ID- 3219)

    All rounder
    Solid match winner. Can win the game with bat, ball and fielding.
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    Aminul Islam Bulbul (Player ID- 2576)

    All rounder
    Innocent devil and a sly but effective member of the squad
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    Anirban Chawdhury (Player ID- 3218)

    All rounder considering only his tummy
    Committed player. Always gives his 100 percent.
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    Iftekhar Muntakim (Player ID- 2428)

    Bowling All Rounder
    A nightmare for the batsman.
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    Iqbal Miah (Player ID- 2884)

    Doggy Batsman and Grenade thrower
    Just turned 16. Very beautiful and available.
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    Ismail Matvad (Player ID- 2834)

    Keeper Batsman
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    MD Minhazur Rahaman (Player ID- 2426)

    Bowling All Rounder
    A genuine all rounder and ready take on challenges at any situation. When bowling beware of he's yorkers...
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    Mitun Das (Player ID- 2403)

    Spins when bats and bowls straight
    Spin all rounder batsman and bat in any position and in any match situation.
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    Mohammad Moshiour Rahman (Player ID- 2432)

    Batting all rounder
    Random, exciting, slogger and classic.
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    Mohammed Shohel Parvez (Player ID- 2430)

    Keeper Batsman and rest useless
    A rare talent with lots of self respect. Can bat all day and night.
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    Mohit Gupta (Player ID- 2429)

    Everything apart from fielding.
    Coach of Sachin Tendulkar.
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    Moin Arefin (C) (Player ID- 2427)

    All rounder
    Dedicated player with lots of potential and leading from the front as the Captain of the club.
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    Morshadur Rahman (Player ID- 2718)

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    Rabiul Alam (Player ID- 2719)

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    Rokon Ahmed (Player ID- 2433)

    Batting all rounder
    very desperate, please find him a girl.
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    SAIF ALI (Player ID- 3123)

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    SAIF HOSSAIN (Player ID- 3134)

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    Sohaib Jaan (Player ID- 3221)

    All rounder
    Sensible batting, clever bowling and fearless fielding; the ultimate player.
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    Sukhiwinder singh (Player ID- 2720)

    All Rounder
    Punjab Da Sher. Solid All Rounder including tummy.
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    Syed Habib (Player ID- 2772)

    Ex pro from BD. Highly talented and skilled cricketer. Can turn the game around in favour of his team at any point.
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