• United Penguines CC

    United Penguines CC

    Team member

    Adil Majid (Player ID- 3535)


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    Ali Usman (Player ID- 3512)

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    Amir Saeed (Player ID- 3591)

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    Asif Majid (Player ID- 3410)

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    Atif Majid (Sir Jaan) (Player ID- 1965)

    Middle order Batsmen
    Right handed Batsmen
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    Azhar Majid (Player ID- 3320)


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    Faisal Dehgamia (DG) (Player ID- 57)

    Middle Order Batsman
    Middle Order Destroyer (after a reeefa)The great thing in hitting is, not to be half-hearted about it; but when you make up your mind to hit, to do it as if the whole match depended upon that particular stroke.W. G. Grace
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    Faraz Rehman (Player ID- 2950)

    all rounder

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    Farhan Khan (Player ID- 2955)

    all rounder

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    Fayaaz Patel (Player ID- 2505)

    Off Spinner
    Talented young Spinner
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    Humza Saeed (Player ID- 2954)


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    Kazim Rizvi (Player ID- 2949)

    wicket keeper

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    Murad Umerji (Player ID- 56)

    All rounder
    Mr Lazy“When in Rome, dear boy... ” Mike Atherton’s reaction to Aussie wicketkeeper Ian Healy when told he was a ‘f***ing cheat’ for failing to walk
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    Qasim Mirza (Player ID- 2953)


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    Raees Patel (Player ID- 1166)

    Team Player
    Team Player
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    Raheem Mirza (Player ID- 2948)

    all rounder

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    Saqib Mirza (Player ID- 2947)

    all rounder

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    Shazeb Majid (Player ID- 3319)


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    Sikander Azam Butt (Player ID- 15)

    Top Order Batsman
    Club President. Captain
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    Tahir Mahmood (Player ID- 2952)

    all rounder

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    Talib Mirza (Player ID- 2951)

    all rounder

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    Zakariya Butt (Player ID- 16)

    Wicket Keeper/Batsmen
    Team CEO. Wicket Keeper/Batsmen
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